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Effective and Functional core work only! That means no crunching or shortening common tight muscle (hip flexor and neck muscles), but working our core the way it is intended to be worked. 

Be a Rebel! (against our modern sitting culture)! 
Get strong, lengthened and balanced!

Equipment: a small ball (like a bender ball or kids ball) or a small pillow

​What form of movement works best for you?
 Honoring your needs to balance out the body for vitality, Jamie offers a variety of different types of classes including:
  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga for energy balancing (invigorating or Slow flow for relaxing); for creating strength balance and flexibility in the body; and for releasing stress and cultivating peace for the mind.
  • Pilates for core strenth, isolated muscle control, and muscle sculpting.  (Classes coming in the Fall '15)
  • Creative Fusion Dance for building agility, coordination, and cardiovascular health... not to mention fun, invoking your creative muse from within and cultivating love for your body and amazement for what it can do! Look for the class called "Shimmy!"
  •                                                                         What do you need?    
Featured Class:

 Shakti is the creative pulse of life that moves in all things. It is expressed by prana or life force that flows in our body via the breath.


Our breath-or prana shakti-unites all aspects of ourselves: body, mind, emotions and spirit.


 This life-giving force becomes the focus of vinyasa, an evolving

form of traditional hatha yoga that integrates breath with movement... fluidity with alignment... strength with flexibility... practice with daily life


Vinyasa Shakti

Above photo by Raven Wolfe photography is Jamie performing a fusion dance performance portraying the Maltese Tiger in the production Animus 2012.

Please note: Vinyasa Shakti is a yoga class and not a dance class and that this photo was chosen for its movement..

About Registering Online

The online Acuity Scheduler for classes at the wellness boutique & co. is pretty easy to use but if the system is new to you and you need some help we hope this section will help.

How do I book a class?

1. Once you are on the Acuity scheduler page, hover your computer arrow over the class you would like to attend in the Group Classes section. Click when it is highlighted.

2. A calendar will pop up with the dates it is offered at the time you specified. Click on the date you wish to attend.

3. Two choices will pop up. Clicking "Continue" will sect that one date. Clicking "Recurring" will select that classes offered at the day and time for how many weeks you would like.

4. Next it will take you to the register page. Please input your information. Asteriks are required fields to continue.

5. You may choose to pay with your credit card or Paypal through the paypal system. If you choose to pay with cash or check when you arrive for class, please choose pay later. 

How do you Pre-register for class?

Pre-registration for class is available online using this link to the acutiy scheduler. If you have any questions on how it works please reference the FAQ's below or contact Jamie.



Do I have to Pre-register before each class?

Pre-registration holds you a spot in class and is especially important if class spots are limited (as they are at wellness boutique & co. in Woonsocket, RI)  Please sign in upon arrival to claim your reserved spot. If you need to cancel please do so online or by calling Jamie (401-742-2558) so that those on the waitist may have the chance to take your spot.

How do I purchase a class card? 

At the top left corner on the Acuity Scheduler screen there is a link  "View Products/Packages". Click and all of the class packages available at this time will be listed. You may also purchase in studio. You may pick up a physical class card (5 or 10 class cards) at the studio to help you keep track, but all cards will also be tracked via the Acuity computer system as you take classes so it is not necessary if you do not wish to have one.

I bought a class pass/have a coupon. How do I apply it to pre-register online for classes?


Your class pass/ coupon comes with a unique and individualize code that is either on the back of your class card or if you chose not to carry a physical card it can be seen on your email reciept if you paid through Paypal. Once you have your code on hand click on "Redeem Coupon/ Package" on scheduling page (it is above the listed group classes). If you have lost your code Jamie can look it up for you. Enter the code and then proceed to sign up for the class of your choosing.


Chair Yoga

All Levels. Great for Seniors, desk jobs workers, & wrist injured.

Increase your joint range of motion, muscle flexibility, and balance! This class includes basic yoga flows, pranayama (yogic breathing), and a relaxing meditative practice while using a chair to aid in comfort-ability while still challenging the body by developing sacred strength.


 Please note that we do not get on the floor in this class unless it is requested. Yoga mats and chairs are provided at the studio. You may bring props (yoga strap and blocks) to class if would like but they are not necessary. 


Prana Flow® Yoga

Beginner - Intermediate


a fluid, dynamic style of Vinyasa Yoga emphasizing deep breathing and continuous, conscious movement. At it's core, Prana Flow Yoga is strong and joyous, with unique and creative sequencing throughout. It emphasizes connection to the natural rhythms of the world around us and encourages a pulsing, radiating "aliveness". 


Prana Flow® is an energetic, creative, full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga cultivated by Shiva Rea and the Global Vinyasa Collective of Teachers. Students of all levels are empowered to experience prana—the universal source of breath, life-energy and conscious intelligence—as the navigating source of yoga practice and vital living.


To learn more about Prana Flow® yoga and Shiva Rea, visit

Vinyasa Slow Flow​ Yoga

Great for Beginners & All Levels


This mindful Vinyasa slow flow practice is designed with a deep focus on body alignment in the postures. By holding the asanas longer we create space, length, and strength in the body while releasing the mind to the breath.  All classes conclude with relaxation and meditative practices to restore and renew and are designed to help find comfort wherever you are in your journey of yoga while finding your strength and help cultivating your bliss.

    Elemental Flow Yoga

All levels



 A creative and mindful approach to vinyasa flow yoga. This powerful asana practice embodies the rhythms of nature and the pulse of life through prana driven movement, while exploring the qualities of the elements through earthy, watery, firey, and airy postures to activate, balance, and restore our vital energy.

Vinyasa ​Flow Yoga

Beginner - Intermediate


This fluid practice integrates breath with movement, alignment, fluidity, and flexible strengthening. Culminating into a full body movement meditation, we connect to the peaceful still-point within; creating ease in the body-mind connection before descent into blissful Shavasana (relaxation pose).


Yoga's flow with weights, is a true total body workout. yogis sculpting their bodies in this class pack in cardio, yoga, and weight-lifting all in one hour. Jamie utilizes her knowledge and experience in ISO (Integrative Sculpting Optimization) - Creating muscular endurance and beautifully toned muscles through by pressing them to their max capacity.

Yoga Sculpt

Beginner - Intermediate


Yoga Posture "Tune-up" Session(s)

 New Offering!

 These 1 hour private lessons focus on structural alignment according to your unique bone structure and postural variations according to your body needs. These are done in workshop style (slow and broken down in each structure) and personalize according to your body needs.


 Depending on how many sessions you book, we can go through the structural basics or through 7 blueprint Solar and Lunar Salutations flows. This is a great way to renew your practice and is a highly recommended way to start!


 If you wish to continue for futher application of what you learned, we can go all the way to more complex poses depending on your inquiry and practice needs and move on to the general private sessions (see below).

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