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About Our Classes

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About classes

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much do classes cost?

First class is free. To claim your free first class and see drop-in

prices, class cards and other pricing plans, visit Plans & Pricing.

Do I need an App to register?

No, you do not need the app to register for class. It is an available

option for conveniently managing your class bookings on the go.

Site Member Information:

Becoming a site member makes it easiest to register, use class cards, reschedule or cancel your class registration and more. But don't worry... you don't have to make a new username or password by choosing to sign in with Google or Facebook.

Tips for Live Stream Classes:

  1. Pre-register for class. See Video tutorial for further help. If you need help email or "Chat with Jamie".

  2. If you have never used Zoom before, here is a Joining a ZOOM meeting tutorial from their website. 

  3. You may arrive up to 5 minutes early to your Zoom class through the link that you received with your email booking confirmation.

  4. Clear the space where you plan to take class. Recommended space measurement is about 1 yoga mat's length and about 2 of your yoga mat's width area for each class. 

  5. Gather any equipment (if needed) before class begins. Equipment Swap Ideas

  6. Go Barefoot! Each class is typically done barefoot (as most mind body classes are) so we can feel our feet, stretch our toes and ankles freely without inhibition. Be sure there is nothing around that you can stub your toe on! If you have to (for any reason or even prefer to) wear shoes - of course you can!

  7. Listen to your body always! If it hurts - don't do it. If it's too much -level it down. Too easy? Kick it up a notch. Not feeling good to take class? Let go of guilt and skip class! Be sure to cancel your class if you have signed up already, so that you can take time and take care of yourself. Your health is the most important thing.

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About Registering Online

help with booking classes

The booking process for online live (Zoom) classes is fairly easy to use, but if the system is new to you, we hope this section will help.

Need help with Booking? Watch the video below.

Questions? Email or Text Jamie ("Chat with Jamie") on this website.

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