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Frequently Asked Questions

About Yoga

About Yoga


What are the Benefits of Yoga?



There are many incredible benefits to practicing yoga. Even more than is listed in the photo below. If you google "health benefits of yoga" a ton of results including scientific studies. But keep in mind that it also depends on duration, frequency, and yoga type. Rather than list all of the benefits here I share a photo with the basic benefits that are both wonderful and widespread through all classes. Come and practice and find/ feel the other wonderful benefits!

Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes


What do I bring to class?


Typically you will want to bring your own mat, water, and maybe a towel (if you are taking a heated class or if you tend to sweat easily).



What do I wear to class?


Wear comfortable yoga clothes- something comfortable but not too lose/baggy for safety and so the instructor can see your form and more easliy correct or enhance your alignment/pose . Please do not wear restrictive clothing (like jeans) as you will find your movements will be inhibited in some poses.

Which type of class should I take?


On the class description page there is a key of level and each class description denotes what kind of class it is but in addition to the class description two other factors also come into play. One is how do you feel on that day? Check in with yourself.


The other thing to keep in mind is that Jamie usually asks two questions before each class: "How are you feeling/doing?" and "Any requests? aka any particular muscles feel tight?" This is your opportunity to speak up! Jamie plans her classes with plenty of room to honor these requests to tailor the class to the overall energy of the participants as well as add in the requests of participants to personalize each class experience while staying under the umbrella of the class sytle/name/ description.


What should I expect upon my first class?

You may come as early as 15 minutes to settle in, set your mat down, sign in at the desk, and fill out a little paperwork (if a first time student).

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