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*I'm not sponsored by Spotify

Fluid Mobility:

If you make your own playlist, please share the link with me.

I may featured it here and on Instagram (with permission of course), so we can all enjoy! 

Music Suggestions for Class Info.

Suggested Class Playlists.png

and share!

Below are playlists suggestions to use for class. These playlists will be found on this web page; the Wellnessbeginsatom Instagram page and in your Spotify account (if you download the playlist). 


As mentioned above, these links are to Spotify. If you don't have a Spotify account, you can sign up for Spotify for free (there may be ads...but hey free is free) or pay for no advertisements.

Of course, you can use whatever music service or CDs you'd like. This is just an idea that came to mind, when I was asked about having music in online classes. 


These selections are totally my tastes, if they’re not yours, remember it's your practice and you can put playlists of your favorites together (even on your free Spotify account).

This way, you can move and workout to your own tunes (or my favorite playlists) while we have class. After class check-in you'll be muted (so the screen doesn't keep changing with every sound), so blast your tunes as much as you like! 

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