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Terms & Conditions| Waiver of Liability

I agree to hold harmless Jamie Moretti dba Wellness Begins at OM, their moderators, tech advisors, guest instructors, guest content creators and assigns from any and all liability whatsoever arising out of participating in classes and workshops or events whether they are online (live, streaming or pre-recorded) or in person, including, but not limited to: physical injuries, muscle strains, tears, pulls, broken bones, miscarriage, COVID-19, any and all viruses, death, and any and all illness, or loss of personal property and income.

I understand the risks involved with participating in these potentially strenuous activities, workshops and classes and attest that I am in sound physical condition. 

I further agree to all conditions of Registration, including but not limited to the cancellation policy.  By providing my information, I agreed to receive any and all communications including but not limited to email, text messages and/or phone calls from Jamie Moretti, Wellness Begins at Om and any of its affiliates.

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